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ontario_models's Journal

Ontario Models
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All Members , Moderated
This community was made up to help Ontario models find other models, hear about there experiances, and post pictures of what they have come up with. There are a lot of wonderful models out there in Ontario that haven't been noticed so this is a way to get your pictures out there.

Events in Ontario may be posted here as well if you are looking for models.

Please follow the following rules:

1. This is NOT a rating community.

2. Any negetive comments or harrassment will NOT be tolerated, you will be warned once then you will be banned.

3. All large picture must be put under a LJ cut

4. This community is all ages that means any picture that is NOT WORK SAFE must be place under and lj cut

5. You may promote other communities here if you ask permisson.

6. Please try to NOT post web cam pictures

If you disrespect the rules you will be banned

Any problems questions or concerns may be directed to vixin or nyssadark

Have fun and enjoy!!