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Hello All,
I am looking for a photographer who would be willing to work in trade.I am a dancer/fetish show girl who is currantly writing a book on said expereinces. I am looking for a photographer who is in need of a model for a nude/fetish/alternative shoot that would be interested in perhaps working in trade. I would like some prints of myself to add to my book. The modelling I have done for portfolio work is a couple of years old and being an indie writer etc. I can't afford to pay to have them updated. Any work I use in my book would be fully credited to the artist.
If anyone knows a photographer who would be interested or have info on how I can get in touch with someone or even possibly paid for such a thing it would be most appreciated....

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What part of Ontario are you located?
Cambridge to be exact.
Awh :( I'm currently looking to expand my portfolio, but I don't have any transportation beyond Durham region. Sadly, I'm not even sure where Cambridge is exactly..
it's 40 min. outside of Mississauga.Does that help? I could make it to Toronto...
sorry that was my other journal This is stripteaseeve logging in as azraelgrrl...

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May 26 2006, 13:46:59 UTC 11 years ago

S'all good :)
if you want you can email me at rougewingedwolf [at] hotmail [dot] com and we can see if it would be possible to work something out :)
Sorry, that was me, I thought I was logged in when I posted that >,<
Just in case you can't find one. I'm available.