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I need a lot more models than I thought. This page is sadly somewhat inactive, but I'll be x-posting anyhow. Again, if you're interested, see the information below and email me at I would need you one day during the week for a few hours between 9am-4pm. I have quite a few models already, but the photo shoots have been doubled. If you're curious about the school before contacting me the website is It's such a great school for anybody who is considering a career in makeup artistry/hair as well. It's been uber fun so far. I have to mention, I received the cutest email from one of you calling me "The Famous Transylvanity." Just thought I'd say I love you for that. You rock the morgue.

Here's two recent photos that I quite like. I'll have some photos to share in the near future.
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quite lovely, my dear...i get a weekday off during the week and would love to help you out...let me know what day a week in advance so i can book that specific day
i can be reached at journal is fully of my fashion show pics and punk show pics if you need to see them

Great photos, and I have to say I envy you for being able to perform via stage. I used to have no fear at all, until I was cursed with a panic attack disorder out of nowhere.

Lol, anyhow, I'll definitely keep you as a contact, thanks for offering :)